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Downloading Tip!

 If you have a problem left clicking and downloading anything, try right clicking and selecting SAVE TARGET AS. That seems to work for the few of you experiencing problems downloading.


IMPORTANT... about the "Split Screen"

  You will notice that our style has our tutorials shifted to a column on the left side instead of across the page as most people do.

This is one thing that makes us unique with our writing style.

They are written this way so you can use them in a split screen setting which takes a couple weeks to get used to but then you will love doing your tutorials with PSP that way.

Save Paper, Save ink, Save $$$

Learn to use the Split Screen HERE for the movie tutorial

or HERE for the text tutorial !


Do not overlook the other links ! We have a lot of goodies here!

Tut supplies, Witty Mini Tuts, Free Programs, Free Psp Tubes, Free Masks and more being added all the time! WEEeee!

Note: Most of our downloads are zipped. This is done for a few good reasons.

The download is protected from viruses, some have supplies attached in the zip as well as the tutorial and to compress files to save space.

Save to your files, unzip and open like you normally would do.

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Some of the Hooty Yahoo Groups I own:
Learn animations(AnimationShop), graphic blending and Paint Shop Pro
Join our classes PSP (PaintShop Pro) KnT (Kiss aNd Tell) too HERE
QnAs Receive newsletters and creations from Hooty.
WittyChat Share your tutorial creations. Our most active participation stationery making group!
Owners Pit Yahoo group Owners and Moderators only. Support and informative group.
HoboTuts Snag from files, test or get your new tutorials tested here.
HoboTuts2 - Actively Testing, writing and snagging continues!
All New Tuts Share new tutorials you've written, or snag others when notified of new releases. *** You must be 18 or older to join this group. Lot's of scrappy tutorials are shared by the authors as well as regular tutorials. This group sometimes has adultish but not gawdy graphics come thru since this is authors from around the world sending things in. A lot seem to be scrappy. All of my other groups are no adult content and family safe.
Hooty Ani Movers and Shakers Share any creations you make that are animated.
HootyTubes PSP Tube snagging group. Heavy file sends. No dial uppers here!
Witty Mini Tuts General snagging from files/links
Hooty Tut Resources Snag supplies & goodies from files/links and run
HootyTuts-MSWord Format General tuts and supplies snagging from files/links
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