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This will show all installed fonts in your Letter Creator. You may prefer to do as I do.. just add the ones I really do want to the existing fonts.txt file instead.. I have 13 fonts only that are on my list! lol.. anyway....
The older versions of IncrediMail, where we were used to going is still there but IM no longer uses it and left that old one behind. So where is the other one that it is now using? That is the question.
Here is the process:
1  Start > Search > fonts.txt
Use your options in your search choices...
All Files and Folders
More advanced options
Check Search hidden files and folders and sub-folders too.
Then start your search.
You will see the old one and probably other ones when it finishes. The one you are looking for will most likely only be a few kbs since Incredimail only uses a few fonts as it's default list for Letter Creator.
2  Double left click on it from the search list to open it.
To have all your installed fonts available:

3  Select all that is on the list via Ctrl + A,  and delete it from your keyboard.

4  File > Save (your now blank list)

5  Open Letter creator and check out your font list. If it is long, then you made the change to the right fonts.txt file.
If it only has the defaults, short list, then you changed the wrong one.
Close Letter Creator, and repeat the process till you find the correct one.


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